Subject Lines

The subject line is probably the most important part of your email content. According to statistics from Convince & Convert, 33% of email recipients open email based on subject line alone. There are a few guidelines to keep in mind when writing a subject line: Be clear and specific. Center the subject line around the topic of the email. Keep it simple - perhaps offering one key takeaway from your message. Create urgency by using phrases like “ends today” or “register now”. Don’t put words in all caps or use excessive punctuation to indicate importance. Personalization is also a key factor in open and click through rates. It’s easy to include your subscriber’s name and other subscriber data in the subject line or body of the email – so do so liberally. Typically, email client’s inbox interfaces show about 60 characters on an emails’ subject line. Mobile devices show about 25 to 30. A good rule for subject line length is to keep it around 6 to 8 words, placing any key words at the beginning. Email & Social Media

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Email Design Trends

Since emails don’t have a very long lifespan (they’re usually read and then deleted), you can be more trendy than you might otherwise be with design. You still want to stay true to your brand or overall campaign look, of course, but you can dip into trends for some added fun. For instance, animated GIF images have become very popular in emails lately. What was once a tacky 90s art form is now a trend being used in email because nearly all email clients support gif files. Another up-and-coming idea is to put video in email. Not all email clients support videos in email, but as long as you include a good fallback image (perhaps an animated GIF of your video) and supporting text, why not have the benefit for those subscribers whose email clients do support it. Email & Social Media

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Testing Tools/Client Compatibility

There are many, many email clients and devices on which an email could be viewed. You need to be sure your email is going to look the same and be readable everywhere (which is more difficult than you might think!). According to, Apple Mail on iPhone has 27% marketshare, Gmail has 17%, and Outlook only 9%. The remaining marketshare is spread very thinly over multiple email clients. More importantly, those email clients all render code slightly differently - allowing certain things and not allowing others. Furthermore, each email client might be used on various desktop, table, and mobile devices - making clean coding and then testing extremely important. Two tools you can use to test emails in are Litmus and Email on Acid. With both services, you paste your email code into their program or email it to a special address they provide and your email is tested in the most common email clients and device viewports. You see a preview of what your email looks like in all of them and then adjust your code as necessary. They also offer additional analytics, spam filter testing, and more. Email & Social Media

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Mobile-first approach to email design

Designing your emails to be mobile-friendly is becoming increasingly important. The percentage of email messages opened on mobile devices is already in the 50% range and is increasing each year. In a statistic published by TopRank Blog, 64% of decision-makers read their email via mobile devices. Taking these statistics into consideration, it’s clear your email should be readable on a mobile device. The best way to accomplish this is to create responsive emails. With responsive design, the content “responds” to the size of the viewport by expanding or shrinking to the appropriate size. For example, when viewing a responsive email on your desktop you may see a two-column layout. If you then view the same email on your mobile device, the content may be shifted into one-column. The content is the same, just presented differently based on the dimensions of the viewport. Email & Social Media

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