Branding, awareness or direct response … some thoughts.

A marketing effort can result in many outcomes. An agency's job is to direct those efforts to obtain a desired outcome. We've got a green thumb for marketing, if you will. And without that correct strategic care, an idea or campaign can wither and fail. Branding (planting the seed) A brand is a promise, with no fingers crossed. It's the very identity of what your company and its products are built upon. It's the seed. Everything you do should align with your core values to create a personality that consumers can trust ... starting with the name and logo, continuing to your website, and including everything in between. Awareness (helping it grow) It's time to shed some light on the brand. An effective media plan will reach the target audience and provide memorable, useful content. It's important to remind your audience that you are still here and a key player. Understanding your target market's behavior in terms of media consumption (print, digital, email, mobile, etc) will help grow awareness while making the best use of your marketing dollars. Direct Response (collecting the harvest) At this stage, you want consumers to take action. That could be a click, a comment, a call, or a purchase. These are the tangible, visible results that can be tracked and monitored. Direct response can be a great way to recognize the return on investment of a budding campaign. Now, while these three could all be part of a full marketing plan, they can certainly be singled out and worked on individually. What does your company need to help it grow? Branding & Advertising

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The David K. Burnap Advertising Agency is a full service marketing firm providing a range of marketing services from advertising and branding to media planning, web development and corporate level hosting.


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