The answer: possibly about the exact same number it did 40 years ago?

This is a question that comes up often … and for good reason. As we watch technology and the number of media sources explode and the shear number of messages out there multiply exponentially … it makes a marketer wonder.

We recently dug into this for a client. We looked at every recent study we could find and then we averaged them. These 22 studies suggested that it takes 12-15 impressions to convert a prospect to a customer.

Then we looked at some specific case studies. One that stood out was a study that Apple recently conducted to see how many trips to an Apple store it took before a prospect became an Apple buyer. The answer was 6 to 7.

Finally, we pulled out some research from our archives from the 1970s. We were curious what the experts thought about this before the dawn of the digital age. The answer (based on an old Cahners Business Media study) was 10- 12. It is remarkable how relatively static that number has remained over time and should provide a good guideline for planning a campaign today.

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